what is hybrid touch games about?

Formed in 2012, Hybrid Touch Games is a UK based game development studio, working with local and international partners to create games for mobile and desktop computers.

Currently we are developing games in a number of 'genres' (strategy, racing, action, arcade, quiz and card & board games), but we like to add our own elements and not be too influenced by current trends. Led by a core team of passionate gamers, we want to make games that WE find fun to play. You won't find any 'timers' or 'pay walls' in our games! We aim to avoid genre clich├ęs by trying new things... that's where the HYBRID from our name comes in; our goal is to fuse genres together to make new and interesting gameplay.

The focus of our work is currently for mobile touch screen devices (Apple, Android, Windows phone)... that's where the TOUCH part of our name comes from. The trend is that desktop computers will also be using touch screen as standard within the next few years so our expertise in building games that are elegantly controlled by touch will help us have a head start in the next PC revolution.

Click the our games tab to see what we've released, and poke around the rest of the site to see what we are up to now!

work in progress

games... designed to touch

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