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Drift Xtreme Racer

Drift Xtreme Racer
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Drift Xtreme Racer

A Skill-based Drifting Simulator. No 'driver aids' or arcade help here, just you and the machines!

5 Awesome Cars to earn by performing well in each of the 3 career stages. There is also a Freestyle arena where you can just drive and be creative to earn the most points! Race against ghosts of the target time, and share your most epic runs with Everyplay to show off your skills!

Game features:

  • Master 5 Awesome Drift Cars with Real Physics on 30 diverse circuits!
  • Multiple modes: Earn your Drift License and learn the basics; put your skills to work in Drift Stunt Challenges; master the Drift Circuits or show off your creativity in Arena Freestyle!
  • New GHOST Tech: Race against the Spectre of a Pro, or your own best times to unlock new cars, levels and Career stages!
  • Easy to drive, but hard to master: Realistic Drift handling makes it satisfying to learn your craft. See yourself rise through the World Leaderboards!
  • Score high by keeping your Drift going! Style over Speed!
  • No upgrades or boosts for your cars: It's just you and the machine against equal competitors - a fair playing field to prove your Drifting Skills!
  • Exciting dynamic environment with animated scenery and obstacles.
  • Share your most EPIC REPLAYS with Everyplay!
  • Compete in the Championship: Try to get the World’s best scores for Drift and Speed!
  • Maximum Control: Supports Touch, Tilt and Analogue steering methods.

So it’s time to Get Creative, Get Sideways, and push your driving skills to the max with Drift Xtreme Racer!

Trucker: Parking Sim

Trucker: Parking Simulator
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Trucker: Parking Simulator

Take control of your truck and prove your driving skills in Trucker: Parking Simulator - the realisitc 3D lorry driver 'driving test' game for iOS.

Game features:

  • FREE download - tons of content free-to-play
  • 72 level career mode, with 2 awesome vehicles!
  • Free-drive 'sandbox' mode
  • Realistic physics, accurate handling and finely tuned controls for exciting driving!
  • Full 3D world to explore
  • Universal app. Optimised for anything from iPad 1 and iPod Touch 4th Gen, with full iPhone 5 widescreen support.
  • 3 alternate objectives on each map (speed, precision, clean driving), or go for perfection on every level to get maximum points, and compete on the world leader boards or against your GameCentre friends for top scores!
  • Leader boards for each vehicle! Compete to be the best!
  • 56 Achievements! Get 660 GameCenter points!
  • Customisable controls (wheel, buttons or tilt)
  • Adjustable cameras give the perfect view, including first-person with rear view mirrors!
  • Unlock extras within the game to extend your Trucker experience!

Start your new career as a Truck driver today for FREE! Jump into the cab and start your engine for the ultimate driving challenge! Your instructor awaits...

GamePlan: strategy
GamePlan: Strategy and tactics evolved
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GamePlan: Strategy and tactics evolved

Not strictly a game, but a tool for gamers. Plan and organise your multiplayer gaming like never before!

GamePlan is a mobile tool enabling a revolutionary new way to play your favourite team-based multiplayer games on PC and Consoles.

Use your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet alongside your main gaming rig to plan, command and co-ordinate your team strategy in any FPS, RTS, MMO's, Simulators and mods.

Plan your strategy, get ready to compete at the next level and get the winning edge with GamePlan!

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Coming soon

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