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The city simulation board game
Plan & run your own city in CityBuild!

Balance city demands.
Invest into industry.
Plan your strategy.
Build the best city.
Be the best City Mayor!

What is CityBuild?

CityBuild is a fast and fun but deep and decepitively intricate strategy / management card / board gamethat simulates the workings of a city in a fun and intuitive way.

Designed for iOS, PC, Mac and Android, and designed to work as a physical, boxed game if there is a demand.

Players are competing City Mayors, trying to impress the CIty Council and be voted the best Mayor in each game. You'll need to make critical decision to build your infrastructre (housing, energy, transport, entertainment and environment) and invest in various businesses to fund your expansion.

Shrewd decisions and a cunnng strategy will ensure you come out as the winning Mayor!

CityBuild will have a solo mode and local or online multiplayer for 2 to 5 players.

On the box lid...

City building strategy game (Physical version hopefully coming soon...)

Fast, fluid and varied gameplay

Players: 1 to 5 (solo, online or vs. AI)

Playtime: 20 to 30 mins per player

Core features...

Six core specialisms + extra hidden strategies

Content synegries - over 130 different buildings and playable items to discover!

Play it your way - focus on a specialism or run a balanced city... many winning strategies to be discovered!

Limited turns - games don't go on forever

Short game option - for a quick CityBuild session!

Single player mode with computer controlled 'actions'.

How does it play?

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to ways to win, akin to Civilization, there are multiple succesful possible strategies to discover. A skilled player can overcome what looks like a bad situation through clever use of strategy.

One of our key design principals is keeping the flow of the game going, keeping it short and intense, with no wasted or dead moves. There are always important decisions to make, and you can change strategy to bluff your opponent or react to things you see them doing.

Also there is a finite end to the game (each round is a 'year', and you can play the short game of4 years or normal game of 9 years).

Every player always has important strategic decisions to make right up until the last year. You cannot get 'knocked out' and due to the main city resources being shared, it's hard to completely block opponents from moving or playing their strategy (there is always something useful you can do with your move). The best players will find ways to slow down the opponents just enough, but a good player can always fight back quickly.

There is always something new to learn in the City!

The board

The city board: Invest in various industries to facilitate your strategy or stop your opponent from monopolising.

How can you help us?

We'd love to hear from you if you think this project is of interest or if theres any comments you have... good OR bad!

As mentioned we will be running a KickStarter campaign soon for CityBuild




Currently in development by Hybrid Touch Games, CityBuild is designed to work digitally and in physical form. We plan to release on iOS first but we'll be running a KickStarter campaign soon to gauge interest and hopefully raise the capital to produce the game, first to iOS, then as a physical product if there is enough demand.

If you are interested, email us so we can put you on the mailing list, or bookmark this page and watch this space!

Note that final details are being decided, so things could change from that described above, but it would only be to make the game better as we get nearer the final product!