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FarmTales: Tom and his Talking Veg - Broccoli Edition

Introducing Banter the Broccoli. An energetic fellow, expert at Karate. He wants to put you to the test... can you beat him?

Banter the Broccoli will respond to your voice and talk back in his! Make him jump, dance, fall over, fight and EXPLODE! There are loads of funny animations to discover by poking around and mini-games to play!

The FREE game features:

  • 3 mini-games with separate high-scores and leader boards.
  • Record your voice and Banter the Broccoli will talk back to you.
  • Tons of funny animations.
  • Share your funny creations on Facebook or YouTube, or save it to your photo album.
  • GameCenter integration - challenge your friends!
  • Beautiful cartoon graphics
  • Child Friendly

Take it to the max with 3 different mini-games! Just play for fun, or compete for scores on the integrated GameCenter leader boards.

Karate Balance: Learn patience, and control. They will stand you in good stead for your journey!
Target practice: Limber up - your hand eye co-ordination is going to be tested to the max in this fast-paced mini-game.
Flick fight: Use all you have learned young padawan. See how long you can last in a direct, no holds-barred, face-to-face fight with Banter the Broccoli!
Add features to the mini-games with In App Purchases:
Fun 'Power-ups' to give you a helping hand in the mini-games such as weather control, psychic vision and slow motion.