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Career mode with
3 awesome Trucks
Free Drive!
Realistic physics!
50+ achievements!

Trucker: Parking Simulator

Take control of your truck and prove your driving skills in Trucker, the realistic lorry 'driving test' simulator game.

Truck Game features:

  • Huge 72 level career mode
  • Free Drive 'sandbox' mode
  • Full 3D world to explore
  • Truck depot currently with 2 awesome vehicles to drive (Monster Truck available as In App Purchase)
  • Realistic physics, accurate handling and finely tuned controls for exciting driving!
  • 3 alternate objectives on each map (speed, precision, clean driving), or go for perfection on every level to get maximum points, and compete on the world leader boards or against your friends for top scores!
  • Leader boards for each vehicle!
    Compete to be the best!
  • 56 Achievements!
    Get 660 GameCenter points!


  • Choose between analogue wheel, on-screen buttons or tilt steering with on-screen pedals.
  • Select between manual or automatic gears.
  • Set steering sensitivity for all modes to find your perfect control method.
  • Adjustable cameras give the perfect view, including first-person with rear view mirrors!

Start your new career as a Truck driver today for FREE! Jump into the cab and start your engine for the ultimate driving challenge! Your instructor awaits...

Download PressKitDownload Trucker Parking Simulator on the AppStore
Challenging levels with an 'easy mode' if you get stuck!
Full 3D training facility with realistic vehicle handling.
36 levels, with separate challenges per vehicle (72 levels), make for hours of exciting and challenging truck driving gameplay.
Loads of camera angles to choose from including first-person view with real-time 3D mirrors!
Menu system (mode, difficulty, vehicle & level selections)
Try to Master the Monster Truck in career mode for a totally different driving experience!

What are people saying?

Watch the TA Plays video review by Touch Arcade!

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From Pocket Gamer:
"It's an oddly addictive title that mixes the best elements of mobile puzzlers with a look that's far more polished than the dust-cloaked rear of your typical heavy goods vehicle - and a challenge that's actually remarkably difficult."
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From 148Apps:
"the game gives players that feeling of, "I have to keep trying until I get it right!". That makes this game very addicting. Players will feel like they can't put it down until they have achieved all three stars in each level."
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Customer reviews:

"Fun driving app that continues to bring me back for more! One of those games that you sink minutes into without realising, really addictive." (Munkez)

"Great game, hard but fair." (from China)

"Everyone must download it for its gorgeous graphics and its fantastic truck handling, and overall for its great enjoyable gameplay!!!" (Truncana)

"...dang, this is a really cool game, I haven't seen a game like this before, but it plays great and looks great." (PocketNova)

"It is one of the best and the graphics are great and it's free! Shame we only have 5 stars I would give it 10. Recommended" (Derek)

"Unlike may of these kind of games, the Trucks feel right here. You can feel the weight and it's really satisfying when you make it through the course cleanly!" (Sally)